@iPabloSB a little more info, for those interested: the microscope uses what’s called structured illumination. It uses a mix of physics and computation to break the limit of light and show about 2 times more resolution than a regular microscope. And the machine is so big that it takes a whole room

@danielpunkass the hands… they always give me the creeps.

@joshuapsteele even with this year’s price increase, Bluey is still worth it 😄

@starrwulfe what I really liked is that Aang kind of had his destiny already decided for him, but Korra had to carve her own and find herself in a new world where an Avatar seems to be more dispensable (and even hated), and she has to mature and prove herself in a different way that Aang had to.

@renevanbelzen that was my main gripe. It was a story on a well established universe that seemed to try too hard to differ enough from the original. But the creators in my opinion succeeded in making it exciting enough and after the first 5 episodes they managed to get me to like the team and plot