Pablo Sanchez Bosch

One of the worst things of working on project-based jobs is when a deadline approaches and there’s a lot to be done. Science is never a 9-5 job, but once there’s a publication/grant coming, it becomes a “as much as you can work without passing out” job.

I finished today the boardgame Legends of Sleepy Hollow. Overall it was interesting but the game got a bit boring towards the end and I felt like I was finishing it for the sake of completing it. It wasn’t hard, but it made me think. I guess that’s enough to entertain, but I would have liked more.

Zelda’s release is tomorrow. Breath of the wild was a fantastic journey and I can’t wait to explore what this new visit to Hyrule has to offer. So far everything I’ve seen and read just gets me more excited for it. Hopefully my copy arrives timely tomorrow on launch day! 🎮

I finally bit the bullet and bought Bike outliner today. I love outlining ideas. Although I use Obsidian for most of my writing, I prefer a separate outlining app. Bike has the perfect balance of simplicity and advanced features (lots of automation), it looks gorgeous and the writing is so smooth!

Of microscopes that could fit inside a smartphone

When I read about science written in the regular press, I’m always very skeptical of the content of the article. It’s not that I don’t trust journalists, but in my experience, the words of scientists are usually hyped to levels that were definitely not there when the journalist …

I decided to have a look at the Nostr protocol out of curiosity and the only thing I found there was a lot of Cryptobro servers and users. I logged in via and that looked like hell. Is that really what’s trying to replace activityPub? Not for me, thanks.

Giving your best is different each day. Sometimes giving your best means taking a day off to fight a cold and recover. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow. 💪

Yesterday, after failed negotiations, the Writers Guild of America went on a strike. I support them and wish them success in their petition for a fair treatment by the industry giants. More info 📝

Happy International Workers' Day

The First of May, or May Day, marks International Workers' Day. It is also known as Labour Day in some countries, of which the US, surprisingly, is not part. More than surprisingly, dare I say, is interesting, as the day was set due to a series of events that happened in this very same country. From …

Opened a bottle of 2013 Cab today. Rutherford has some of the best wines in the US, and Inglenook never disappoints. 🍷

When consuming books 📚 I always go through the book vs audiobook dilemma. I love the audio format, but I feel like I miss the chance to stop, reread a passage or highlight. I have the impression that audiobooks help me consume content while driving but it is more “superficial”.

If I had to choose the technique I love the most from my work it would be microscopy 🔬. Getting to see life at a cellular level remind me how complex we are and the amount of organization that goes into a single living being.

What can you expect to see - and not see - here

Let this blog post serve as some kind of preamble and content warning. So first things first, what you read in this blog are my personal opinions, yada yada. I’ll split it into sections about what I think is important to remark on and what I will publish. I’ll also probably get back to …

Today’s - Death panels post is extremely disturbing. Hard to read, but a good reminder that we need to keep politicians accountable for their despicable actions (or inaction).

As a non-coder, I felt incredibly proud of myself when last week I managed to set up a macro for ImageJ that lets me execute a selection of actions on all image files within a chosen folder. It’s about 20 lines of code, but it works like a charm. I even coded a “Batch processing …

After almost a year, retook our Legacy campaign of Machi Koro Legacy. Had a fun quick game and managed to win, even though my wife always beats me it! Five games done, five more to go.

Started reading today Walkaway, from Cory Doctorow. I’ll report back in some weeks when I finish it.

I love trying apps. Some apps I use or have used in the past and I’ll mention here in the future: DEVONthink, Obsidian, LogSeq, Bike outliner, Audio hijack, iA Writer, Drafts, OmniFocus, 2Do, Fantastical, Keyboard Maestro. I’m heavily Mac-focused, but some are multi platform.

(Incoming boring and uninventive first post) Hello,! I’ll share science stuff and some of my hobbies every now and then here. Hobbies include games (board, RPG, video), TV shows, tech, traveling. Follow me if you want to check it out! And unfollow me if you find my posts boring. See you!